GuIrit 10.0

GuIrit is an ever-evolving GUI (Graphical User Interface) to IRIT
10.0 (See all)

GuIrit is an ever-evolving GUI (Graphical User Interface) to IRIT. It is under ever-going development but is certainly in a usable form. It includes:
A graphically based user interface to create, display, manipulate and process geometry.
Access to most of the functions in the IRIT interpreter (Irit.exe) and build above the IRIT package. Any other IRIT (or arbitrary) function could be easily exposed as well using DLL extensions (See below).
Fully configurables menus (Via guirit.cfg).
Fully configurables keyboard/mouse/gesture event bindings (Via guirit.cfg).
Programmable extension interface. Many of the existing functions in GuIrit are built using this extension interfaces that allows one to create external extension as DLLs (or shared libraries on non windows platforms) without resorting to rebuilding guirit.exe.
Using wxWidgets, and hence it is suppose to be relatively simple to port to other environments. So far, GuIrit was tested on Windows XP/Vista/7 and Linux Fedora, and to a lesser extent on MAC OSX. Herein, we provide executables for Windows XP/Vista/7 as well as the C/C sources.

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